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We have divided our insurance guide into the following sections. Click on the icon of each for in-depth information.

Landlords Insurance

Need to insure your buy to let property? Discover the key features and level of cover that our policies typically have as standard and obtain an instant online quote as well as purchasing online.

Life and Critical Illness Cover

Unsure about the type of policy that you currently have or need to protect your mortgage in the event of your death or being diagnosed with a specified illness? Read our short guide on the different cover available.

Buildings and Contents Insurance

Buildings Insurance is compulsory when taking out a mortgage on a property and is designed to insure your home against a number of major perils that would rebuild the property in the event of a qualifying event. Contents insurance is not compulsory but strongly recommended and protects your household belongings against damage or theft. Read our short guide and obtain an instant online quote as well as purchasing online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Mosaic Mortgages for Buildings & Contents Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Tenants Contents Insurance & Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

Mosaic Mortgages is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority to give advice on the most appropriate policy for your circumstances. Through our factfinding process, we will seek to understand your exact insurance requirements and find the right policy for you.

We will explain in plain English what is and what is not covered by a particular policy and we don’t just work with one Insurance Company, we shop around to find you the most comprehensive as well as the most cost effective policy for your particular requirements.

Why don't I use one of the price comparison websites that I always see advertising on the television?

You need to take extreme care when using “price comparison websites” and ensure that the policy that you have selected does absolutely everything that you need. Typically, these websites are price driven and you may overlook the fact that you will have a £500 excess to pay in the event of making a claim on your Buildings & Contents policy which might save a little bit on a monthly premium but significantly hurt your pocket in the event of needing to make a claim.

If you are trying to assess the most suitable policy for you online then always try and compare policies on a like for like basis and consider exactly what the policy includes and whether you will need to take advantage of each benefit in the event of a claim. For example, does your Building Insurance policy include “Trace & Access” cover or “Leakage of fuel & metered water”? Most basic, price driven policies don’t include this but if you had a water leak within your property boundary then without this valuable cover, you would end up paying for the loss of water and the full cost of investigating the leak and repairing. In our opinion this is essential cover so beware of false economy and talk to us now to make sure that you have the level of protection that you need on your policy.

I've got a discounted policy through my bank account so why should I look elsewhere?

Typically, Bank insurance products are very expensive and although they may say that you have a discount on the premium, it will still be possible to get a more comprehensive & cost effective policy elsewhere. Don’t believe the hype, the Banks are only trying to make a profit!

How do I get a quotation from Mosaic Mortgages for my general insurance & protection needs?

Click here to request a callback from one of our advisers or call us now on 01604 330240 to discuss your specific requirements.