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Selling your home? Top tips to save on decorating costs

Selling your home? Top tips to save on decorating costs

Selling your home? Top tips to save on decorating costs

Buying or selling a property can be an expensive process; after all, you have to consider removal costs, mortgages fees and various other legal fees.

Understandably, these costs can often put people off spending money on their existing home. However you will usually find that you can secure a faster sale if you invest some cash in smartening up the overall appearance of your house.

Think like a potential buyer – almost everyone would rather buy a smart, clean home than a rundown house in need of urgent attention.

Thankfully, there are ways to give your home an overhaul without it impacting on your wallet too much! At Mosaic Mortgages, we’ve put together a few suggestions on how you could save money when it comes to decorating your current home.

The secret behind cutting the cost of decorating is to be wise with your money and be creative. It’s a good idea to visit bargain stores or charity shops, where you’re guaranteed to find some hidden treasures that will revive your home in no time at all. If your carpets are looking worse for wear look out for some rugs to smarten up the appearance of your floor.

If there’s a certain room in your home that’s looking a little lackluster then avoid breaking the bank in order to revive it. Instead, paint over any areas that are less pleasing to the eye – you can also do this with any doors or window frames that could be improved visually. If you’re worried about chipping into your budget then go on the hunt for any discounts or offers on paint. Keep a look out for any in-store special offers in DIY stores.

If your home is wallpapered and you feel you need to replace the wallpaper then consider stripping the walls and painting them a neutral colour. After all, wallpaper could really add to your bills! Or consider papering just one wall, and having this as a ‘feature wall.’

It can also be a good idea to remove any excess clutter from every space. Houses packed to the rafters can appear much smaller and less appealing than clear and tidy rooms. Throw out what you don’t need (you’ll only end up paying to have it moved!) and store away other items where possible.

And most importantly, don’t forget to have a good spring clean before the potential buyers come knocking. One of the first aspects that people notice in a home is cleanliness. If there’s dust and grime attached to the majority of your home’s surfaces then it’s bound to put them off. Although it may seem like an obvious concept, it’s a good idea to give the whole house a thorough clean, reaching into every nook and cranny. Polish all surfaces until they are spotless, and the same applies for the carpets.

Finally, be sure not to neglect the exterior of your home. First impressions really do count so make sure the garden looks trim and tidy, giving the house some ‘curb appeal’.